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Verify PAN Card by PAN No. Online – Full tutorial

Permanent Account Number (PAN) as we know plays a vital role in the economic growth of the Indian nation today. In today’s time, everyone wishing to even open a bank account must have a PAN card of their own. Anyone wishing to make cash transactions of over 50, 000 in INR must have a PAN card of their own as well. Just like these, PAN cards are used in various official aspects and acts as a criterion for a safe transaction process.

Those who haven’t applied for a PAN card may locate the article on how to do it on our website. We have provided the complete guide.  However, for those who have applied, already received their PAN cards but are yet to verify it officially have 2 choices to follow. The first one being “verifying it by name” and the other being verifying the PAN card via number. The latter will be discussed here in this article.

How to verify PAN Card by PAN Number?

The user must first of all visit the Income Tax Department’s official PAN jurisdiction page. Visit the link: to open the jurisdiction page.

Once the jurisdiction page has opened, the user will see an interface like the one shown on the image down below.

1st PAN verify by PAN No.

As shown in the image, there are only two fields in the form. Here is how you properly fill them.

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PAN: Enter the Permanent Account Number mentioned on your PAN card here. The number must be carefully entered to avoid future process failures.

Enter the code as in above image: A captcha code is here provided by the site which the user has to enter in the text field to prove their existence as a human.

Once both the text fields are filled, review them once again to avoid procedure failures or errors. If the fields are filled correctly, find the “Submit” button at the bottom of the form and click on it.

The above image displays a sample of the result one gets after clicking on the Submit button. If a page with the same details is displayed on your browser, your PAN card has been verified via number. If not, you will have to start over again.

Note: Make sure to fill the form in less than 15 minutes to avoid an expired session. In case of an expired session, the user will be asked to start over with the form filling process. To start over, the user can simply hit the refresh button from their device – a new session will then be created.

Therefore, the above mentioned procedure is the safest and the best one the users can follow to verify their PAN cards online via their PAN numbers. Another thing to note here is that the user must always use the official website provided by us above to complete a safe verification.

Any user queries regarding PAN verification by PAN number may be written down below in the comment section.

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Updated: July 5, 2017 — 12:38 pm

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