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PAN Card Application UTI – How to apply Online?

Permanent Account Number (PAN) plays a vital role in the economic development in India. PAN is used for safe, legal transactions throughout the nation and is also used as an attachment in various official documents. PAN card is a must for anyone who wishes to complete transactions of over RS. 50,000 within the country. These transactions include daily life deeds like hotel bills, buying a product, investing on a business firm etc.

At the moment, there are various organizations which allows users to apply for a PAN card through them. Most of these organizations are applicable with both the online and the offline methods of application. One of these organizations is the UTI Infrastructure Technology And Services Limited (UTIITSL or UTI). It is a government based organization with the goal of handling the financial sector of the country. UTI also offers PAN card services throughout the nation.

Below is a demonstration on how to apply for a PAN card online via UTI.

First of all, Click Here to Open the Official PAN Card Application Form of UTI. The Application form will look like below-given Image.

1st UTI Application

To start off, visit: . Now, a 49A form with various pages should appear on your device’s screen. Here is how you fill the form:

  1. Applicant status: Individual applicants must choose the “individual” option from the drop down menu. For other applicant types, choose the best one which suits you.

After choosing your status, go to the next page by clicking on “Next”.

  1. Name Section:

Simple details like full name, gender are asked in this section.

  • Full Name: The applicant must fill their first, middle (if any) and last name in their respective fields here.
  • Name on card: Name as per the documents provided as identity proof must be entered here.
  • Have you been known by any other name? : This will be a checkbox field. Applicants known by another name previously must select “yes”, otherwise “no” must be selected.
  • Gender: The gender of the applicant is selected here from the drop down menu.
  • Date of Birth: The applicant’s DOB in the DD/MM/YYYY format must be entered here.
  • Details of parents: Simple details like name, address of the applicant’s parent/guardian is asked here.

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  1. Address Section:

Details regarding address of contact and other communication sources are asked here.

  • Address: Enter the address you want to receive your PAN card at. Both your office and residential addresses are asked here.
  • Address of Communication: Enter the address you want UTI to you contact you at. Any queries regarding your PAN card will reach to this address.
  • Telephone number: Enter your telephone number of contact along with the country ISD code here.
  • E-Mail ID: Enter the E-Mail address you want to receive mails from UTI at.
  • Aadhar Number: Enter the Aadhar number mentioned on your Aadhar card if you have one.
  • Are you a Citizen of India? : Another checkbox field, select “Yes” if you’re a citizen of India and “No” otherwise.
  1. Income Section:

Sources of Income: Enter your source of income here. Applicants with multiple sources of income may select multiple options.

  1. Representative Assessee:

Representative Assessee: If a representative assessee has been used by the applicant to fill the form, the details of the assessee must be entered in this section. If not, the applicant may leave this field blank and move on to the next step.

  1. Identity, Address, DOB Proof:

Select the documents you want to submit to confirm your identity, address and date of birth and upload their copy on the website. Various official documents can be used in this process – an article to guide you through with that is written on this website.

  1. Confirmation Section:

This is the final procedure while applying for a PAN card via UTI’s online website.

If the applicant has filled the form themselves, they may select himself/herself from the dropdown menu on the webpage. Otherwise, representative assessee would be selected here. In case of assesee, the address of filling the form must be also be mentioned.

Now, review your form on whole to check for slight errors. If you find any errors, edit them properly and get back to the final page again. Then, click on “Submit” on the bottom of the form and pay the fees (Rs. 106-/) requested for the form to be accepted.

So, this is the correct procedure one must follow every time for a successful PAN card application via UTI’s website. Once the application is successfully submitted, you will receive E-Mails and mobile messages from UTI with links to check your PAN card status along with a copy of the details you filled in the form.

Users with queries of any kind regarding the procedure of applying for a PAN card via UTI may drop them down in the comment section below.

Hope you liked our guide.

Updated: July 5, 2017 — 12:42 pm

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