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PAN Card application NSDL – How to Apply Online

Owning a Permanent Account Number (PAN) is a necessary condition in today’s age. It is used in various official applications and to make large business transactions (any sum over Rs. 50, 000). The PAN is an alphanumeric distinct code provided to the applicant. The applicant once provided a distinct PAN must carry the number throughout their life.

Various organizations offer users the ability to apply for a PAN card. Most of the organizations provide an online as well as an offline form to the wishing applicants. These organizations use a high quality courier service program which ensures safe delivery of PAN card to the applicant. One of these organizations is the National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL).

NSDL is the first depository to ever have been made in India and is highly renowned due to the same reason. They are proven to provide a high quality PAN card service at a cheap rate. Their helpline is also known to provide all kinds of help requested by the applicant.

Applying at any PAN card service hub follows similar steps. Below is the stepwise tutorial one must follow to receive their PAN card from the NSDL in the quickest and safest manner possible.

How to Apply for PAN Card Online (NSDL) ?

  • Step 1: Register on the NSDL website.

1st nsdl verification

Registration on a website is always the first requirement while aspiring to fill an application on that website. Below is the information the NSDL website asks its aspiring applicants.

  1. Application Type: This field is meant for the website to know the task the applicant wishes to complete from the website. Users wishing to apply for a new PAN card must select “New PAN Card” and also select their local citizenship.
  2. Category: This is to fill in the PAN card holder category. Individual aspirants may select “individuals”. People coming under other categories may select the category which suits them.
  3. Title: This is to select the gender as well as the marital status of the applicant.
  4. Full Name: The full name of the applicant must be entered here in proper order.
  5. DOB, Email, and mobile number: Date of birth in the DD/MM/YYYY format, Email address in its usual format and mobile number without the country code must be filled in their respective fields.
  6. Captcha: Enter the code displayed in the image to verify your existence as a human.

Once the registration process is complete, the applicant will receive a generated token on their Email address provided in the form. The token then must be used to verify registration.

  • Personal Details

Once the registration has been successfully verified, the applicant will be asked to fill in their personal details.

2nd NSDL Verification

The applicant will firstly be asked to fill in the submission methods of their documents. After that’s chosen, the following details will be asked.

  1. Aadhar Number:  Aadhar card number of the applicant must be entered here given that they own one.
  2. Full Name of the applicant: On default, this field will be set filled with the full name entered by the user at the time of registration. However, the field will still be editable for users to make changes.
  3. Whether known by another name previously: A checkbox item asking whether the applicant has been known by another name previously is asked next.
  4. Parental details: Details regarding the applicant’s parents/guardians must be entered here. Simple details like the full name, address are asked here.

Once the page has been filled properly, click on “Next”.

  • Contact & other details

3rd NSDL Verification

After personal information, details regarding applicant communication are asked by the website next. The details in specific are mentioned down below.

  1. Sources of Income:  Source of income of the applicant is asked here. Multiple sources can also be selected in the form.
  2. Address of communication: Select whether you want to communicate with NSDL from your office address or your residential address. Either of the two can be selected as per the applicant’s requirements.
  3. Office/Residential Address: Both the office and residential addresses are required to be filled by the applicant here.
  4. Telephone & Email: Select the country ISD code and enter your telephone and/or mobile phone number here.
  5. Representative Assessee: Yes or No can be selected in this field. In case “yes” if selected, the applicant must enter details of the assessee along with the checkbox.

After completing this, click on “Next”

  1. AO Code

4th NSDL Verification

On this page, Indian citizens must check the “Indian citizen” checkbox and enter their state and city of residence. Once the state and the city are selected, a list of AO Codes will be generated in the form. The applicant can select either of the codes as per the information provided on them in the form.

Once the AO code is selected, the user can move on to the next step.


  • Document Details

5th NSDL Verification

Documents to Submit: Here, the website asks for the documents the applicant wishes to submit to verify their identity, address and date of birth. A drop down menu is provided the correct name of the document.

Declaration: If the applicant is following the form themselves, they must select “Himself/Herself” here and “Representative Assessee” if an assassee is used by the applicant to fill the form.

Place: Here, the name of the place from where the applicant is filling their form is selected.

Once the form is properly filled, the applicants may review it properly to check for any minor mistakes made by them. After reviewing, the applicant may save the changes by clicking on “Save draft” beneath the application form. If there are no mistakes, the form can be submitted and the fees to complete the process may be paid by the applicant. Various payment methods are accepted by the NSDL.

This is the correct method of filing for a new PAN card on the NSDL website. Any problems faced by applicants may be discussed down below in the comment section. Proper help will be provided by us for your queries.

Updated: May 9, 2017 — 10:48 pm

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