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Know your jurisdiction for PAN card – Full Guide (Step by Step)

Permanent Account Number (PAN) is an alphanumeric distinct code provided to Indian visitors and citizens. Anyone wishing to make transactions of over 50, 000 in INR must show their PAN card to the seller. PAN acts as a method of verification of identity and helps in avoiding tax evasions. It provides safe transactions throughout the country.

Recently, the Indian government has made strict decisions like the demonetization of bank notes to avoid tax evasions even further. Recent reports also mentioned that various objects that can be scanned have been added to the new PAN cards for even safer transactions.

One aspect in PAN cards however has existed for a long time now. It is the fact that each PAN Card has a specific jurisdiction of its own. It means that every card has a unique official power of its own to make legal decisions and judgments. Every Indian state has a number of appointed jurisdictions for the people. To check for the jurisdictions of a particular place one could visit: https:// and look for the tab which specifies jurisdictions.

How to Know your Jurisdiction?

To check personal PAN jurisdictions one must first visit: https://  Here, the user will see a webpage on the ITD website containing 2 fields for them to fill. These fields once filled will show the personal PAN jurisdictions to the user. Below is what the page looks like on a Windows PC.

Know your jurisdiction

On this page, enter the information asked. Here is what you must enter.

PAN*:  Here, enter the Personal Account Number as written on your PAN card.

Enter the code as in Above Image: This is a captcha code checker field to check whether the form filler is a human or not. This is to avoid any technical glitches in the process.

Now, review the PAN card and captcha code properly and proceed further by click on the “Submit” radio button provided beneath the form.

It displays the information provided by the page once the user has properly filled the form. The highlighted words are your personal PAN jurisdictions.

Note: The website refreshes every 15 minutes. This means that the user must complete filling the form in less than 15 minutes of opening the webpage or there session will be expired. If the session is expired, the user will have to start the process all over again by refreshing the page.

So, this is the correct method of knowing one’s PAN jurisdictions officially. There are other methods which allow users to know of their personal PAN jurisdiction; this possibly stands out as the safest and the easiest. Once located, these jurisdictions will notify you of your assessing officers and much more.

If you have got any queries regarding PAN jurisdictions, you may write them down for us down in the comment section.

By this way, You can Know your jurisdiction.

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