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How to verify your PAN Card Online?

Every adult citizen of India has been well introduced by the words Permanent Account Number (PAN). PAN is an alphanumeric 10 digit distinct code provided to all of its individual applicants. It is an essential part of the Indian society. Any person wishing to make transactions above the figure of Rs.50, 000 in the country must own a PAN card for a successful government verified transaction.

Once the holder is allotted a PAN, the number remains the same throughout their life regardless of the changes they make in their personal information – the number never changes no matter what happens.

Once the PAN is allotted to the individual or non-individual, they must verify their details further to attain a PAN card. Organizations offering PAN card services directly deliver the cards to the applicant’s listed address.

The applicant must correctly fill the PAN Card from as various aspects come into play while the verification process is in its practice. Although incorrect details can be corrected by filing an edit complaint, sometimes errors in fields like “address” might cause problems as the address must match your documents and the one mentioned in the Income Tax Database (ITD).

How to Verify PAN Card Online?

To verify PAN Card details online, one could follow 2 possible methods. These methods are:

As mentioned above, there are 2 possible methods to verify PAN Card details. Below is a stepwise demonstration on how both the processes are applied.

  1. PAN Card Verification by PAN

Note: The correct information must be filled in all the fields or the user will be redirected to the empty form and must fill the form once again. If filled correctly, the user will see a webpage with their PAN profile details to verify.

2. PAN Card Verification by Name

Note: Again, if the correct information is filled by the user, they should see their PAN profile to verify it. If not, the user gets redirected to the empty form once again.

The above mentioned are the only methods you must follow while verifying your PAN Card information online. The link requested to visit above is the official E-Governance website link of the Income Tax Department. If you get hold of any other links to verify your PAN card online, make sure to get the link revised from us down in the comment section for a safe PAN card verification online.

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Updated: May 9, 2017 — 10:49 pm

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